Ten food companies from the comarca of Maresme will be attending SIAL the Global Food Marketplace in Paris on October 16-20. They are all part of the program ” We export the food industry of Maresme in France”. Set up by the Consell Comarcal, and carried out by Barcelona Export, this project takes part of the initiative of ACCIÓ to promote and open the French borders to catalan companies.

Sial 2016

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Why France?

France was chosen for its geographical closeness with Spain and willingness to receive products that have catalan characteristics. You can learn more about it by clicking on the link above.


Each company travels to the fair SIAL in Paris as a visitor, with a schedule of business meetings meticulously organized according to the products and availabilities. Barcelona Export also helps out on site in every negotiation, coming along as an expert on the market of French Food Industry.


Two companies travelling via that program are Eco Integral Artesans, located in Mataró and La cuina de la iaia, in Argentona. The other participants are Balate, Bouquet d’Alella, Torres, Xips ve de gust, Siro & Xavi, Viñals Soler, Ca l’Espinaler i Sweet Express.

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