Barcelona Export has been chosen by the Consell Comarcal del Maresme, as the consultancy in charge of organizing a business trip for 10 companies from the Food Industry, located in the comarca of Maresme, to the 2016 Global Food Marketplace (SIAL París 2016).

Why Catalan SMEs ?

This year, Catalonia was elected European Center of Gastronomy. We chose to capitalize on that new acknowledegment to boost and encourage the international development of these SMEs.

What is exactly an export program?

It is a form of exporting with different companies having complementary activities within the same sector. Those companies unite to weigh more on the market and, thanks to their complementarity, possess the same objectives and can benefit from all kinds of synergies that each one of them brings to the group.

Sial Paris

What are the services provided inside that program?

– Formations on Export Grouping
– Individual and customized trainings to establish the business strategy of every participant
– Commercial support on site (SIAL PARIS 2016)
– Meeting schedules with commercial agents
– Meeting schedules with distributors
– Meeting schedules with final clients
– Cultural adaptation of the digital strategy of the company

Objectives of the program

– Begin or enhance the international strategy of each SME participating
– Provide them with the the basic keys to start an internationalisation project
– Assemble information on the most strategic fairs from the Food Industry, like the SIAL Paris
– Being aware of the trends of the sector
– Qualify the receptivity of the products on the french market
– Increase awareness on the french food market
– Improve the negotiation technics of each company
– Do a mapping of the main hubs, clusters and food associations

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