Barcelona Export has very solid relationships in this market due to the multiple business possibilities that Mexico offers us. Mexico is the leading economy in Latin America, with a very interesting geostrategic position that makes it the gateway to two major economic zones: USA and Canada (NAFTA) in the north and the Spanish-speaking countries in the south. And it has free trade agreements, which are very favourable for our exports, with all of them.

Characteristics of the Mexican market

Mexico is a large, Spanish-speaking, Central American country with a population of 127 million, of which 80% live in cities and the remaining 20% in rural areas. 20% of the population live below the poverty line; about 60% of the population live in precarious conditions and only 30% live watching their purchasing power grow. It is a very young population (the average age is 26 years) with a strong mixture of indigenous and Spanish (60%).

Its capital, Mexico City, is a megacity with 20 million inhabitants, followed by Guadalajara and Monterrey with about 5 million inhabitants, or Puebla and Toluca with 2 million inhabitants each.

The population’s consumption is strongly dominated by North-American habits. Mexicans are loyal to brands and are influenced by quality as well as by price.

Customs duties

For those countries that cannot rely on any free trade agreement with Mexico, the tariffs of the industrial sector are in the range of 10% to 20%, sometimes as high as 35%.

Mexico signed a free trade agreement with the European Union in 2000 and since 2007 all industrial products are duty free. Furthermore, extending the tariff reduction to agri-food products is taken into consideration.

Mexico has a promoter of its export and import, Pro México. This organisation collects all the information concerning imports and exports, tariffs and norms. Furthermore, it is the organiser of the grouped participation of Mexican exhibitors at international fairs.

There is an Import Guide available on the website of Mexican Customs, which includes extensive information on customs management, authorizations, procedures (paperwork) and temporary imports:    (choose “Guía de importación”)

What can we export to Mexico?

Exporting to Mexico presents a great business opportunity for Spanish companies, since there is no language barrier and products coming from Spain benefit from acceptance and their good reputation in terms of quality. The cultural affinity allows us to create commercial relationships built on trust – stronger and faster.

Traditionally, we have been exporting the following products from Spain:

– Equipment, parts and components for the automotive industry
– Installation and engineering of power generation plants
– Aircrafts
– Women’s fashion
– Cars
– Steel products

When talking about new business opportunities we encounter strong demand in the following sectors:

– Infrastructure
– Transport
– Telecommunication
– Energy, especially wind and solar
– Industry 4.0
– Quality inspection systems
– Cyber-security
– Electronics
– Construction

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