Who is Motores Campeón?

Motores Campeón is a Catalan company that manufactures and distributes electropumps mainly for gardening. Since 1997, it has had a strong experience in the sector, a product of its own manufacturing with high added value, a good after-sales service and a spare parts service in less than 24 hours.

Aware that the French market is one of the most important in the world of gardening, they decided to push their exports towards the most active market of their activity. And they intend to do so through a network of sales agents throughout France.

There are many competitors and players in the field of pumps and compressors for professionals. The market is highly developed and competitive.

Export history in France

A few years ago, Motores Campeon lost its leading position on the French market and its export turnover in France fell considerably, which is why it decided to strengthen its network of multi-portfolio sales agents in the gardening sector.

The French gardening market

In France, 17.2 million people regularly live in houses. More than half of the houses have a garden area of at least 600 m², and 89% of the French houses have a garden area at home. The median area of the garden is the highest in Europe, with a median area of 500 m².

El mercat francès de la jardineria

French garden and DIY sellers

It was relatively easy for us to identify the commercial agents in the sector. We have created a database of 30 sales agents, covering all regions of France.

After the company presentation, we were able to identify and introduce 7 agents who were interested in the company. These agents from a wide range of fields are looking for, among others, the following channels: distribution of gardening products, companies in the gardening, DIY, forestry and agriculture sectors in general, central gardening purchasing, PPE, hardware, industrial supply, public works and DIY distribution.

Motores Campeon has decided to negotiate and sign the representation contract with 4 of them, to whom it has given initial training and with whom it has already started working.

We wish our client every success in this new internationalization to the neighbouring country.

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