The company

The company ECORESINAS SLNE is dedicated to the manufacture of resins and micro-cements for floor and wall coverings, considered as building materials.

Ecoresinas  has 4 types of products and one star product. There are two self-leveling floor covering products: Level Color and TRP, another epoxy floor covering product called Stone Color and a final product called Micro-cement Polyurethane.

The star product is called Microquartz and is a combination of epoxy and polyurethane floor covering that allows for natural, resistant and easy to apply floor finishes.

EcoResinas has very adequate marketing support: web responsive, Youtube, very defined graphic identity, social and professional networks (Facebook, linkedin), and online catalog. The company wants to open up the French market because it is a very well received market for innovation in floor coverings.

It sought to boost its export department and enter the French market, looking for distributors and sales agents in the construction sector.

The project

The difficulty of the project Ecoresinas lies in the fact that there is a very similar covering product often used in France: beton ciré. They have been using Beton Ciré for many years and know very well the type of product, what it is and what the negative and positive points are. This product is widely used in floor covering to obtain a natural finish, which is exactly the objective of the solutions proposed by Ecoresinas.

Beton ciré has been established in France for many years, it has many suppliers, companies in the sector that have developed networks that are very well established thanks to the time they bring.

Moreover, in France there is something different from Spain in that many products sold to large covering distributors are products that have to be referenced, it is a very important part of the process to enter and implement the product in the long term.

The commercial agents of the construction industry

There are many multi-portfolio commercial agents within the sector, thanks to which we can create a large database.

All of you show a lot of interest in learning more about Ecoresinas‘ products… The company is a very small company and therefore has to decide to limit the number of commercial agents it can manage.

It is for this reason that it has finally chosen 3 of all the agents presented to cover most of France. We wish you every success for your new venture into the French market.

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