Exporting alone is always a tough challenge. And if our assortment is limited, we do not always get the attention of the contact persons that would be of greatest interest for us: The persons in charge of the most important purchasing groups or the persons in charge of the purchasing of the major chemical groups in France. Thanks to the export group of the chemical sector we managed to increase the responsiveness.

But, of whom does this export group consist?

Our export group is composed of the following companies:

– Seven Seas S.L: Manufacturer of pumps for the chemical process with magnetic drive, homogenizers, mixers and micronizers; targeting the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry.

– Olmos Maquinaria: Manufacturer of complete packaging lines for liquid products (without carbonic acid) and rigid packaging; targeting the chemical, petrochemical and food industry.

– Esteryfil: Manufacturer of all kinds of filters for liquids; targeting the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfume and food industry.

– GMS SISTEMAS: Manufacturer of packaging solutions such as intelligent robots for the packaging of sensitive and small pieces like positioners; targeting the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfume and food industry.

And which advantages does it bring?

This export group of the chemical sector offers, in many cases, different types of equipment that is used in the same production plant and for the same production process by acting as complementary products.

Thanks to the group, we managed to reinforce the range of products that we presented to our interlocutors.

We succeeded in reducing the costs of the international prospection, which are shared by the 4 companies.

Furthermore, one could benefit of the exchange of experiences between the different participants.

Last but not least, it allowed the participation at leading fairs of the sector as group.

What are the work dynamics?

The export group starts with a group meeting which allows the different participating companies to get to know each other and to establish their own synergies.

In fact, follow-up group meetings are held once every trimester.

Every export group counts on a managing director, who is the one leading the actions of the group and carrying out the prospection in the target market.

The manager remains in constant communication by phone and mail with each of the participants of the group. He is the person in charge of the prospections and the one who exchanges offers, quotations and requests between the parties.

An export group prospects the same market within 12 months by addressing various sales channels, such as: Commercial agents and/or distributors and final customers.

Which role does the group manager play?

The group manager is not only the leader of the group and the one who carries out the prospection, but also the person in charge of ensuring a good atmosphere between the participants and of limiting tensions that might arise. Furthermore, he/she leads the meetings and provides the information that he/she has received from the target market.

He/she is the integrating element and the one that gives dynamism to the group. He/ She not only contributes his/ her knowledge and solutions to the emerging demands but also the mastery of the language of the target market.

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