For more than 10 months Barcelona Export has been managing the commercial canvassing of an export group specialized in industrial subcontracting.

This group is comprised of 3 industrial subcontracting companies : one of hot stamping of brass pieces, another specialized in manufacturing custom and standard pieces of brass fittings and the last one dedicated in proving services of bumping stainless steel and laser cutting.

– The target market

The business plan established covers the strategic penetration of the French market.

– Distribution channel

The agreed search for final customers will be common for the three companies, although different researches will be done according to the specificities of each participant. Up to now, we already organized several commercial agendas in France to visit both commercial agents and distributors of some of the products. We also met with some of the commercial agents to help with the negotiations between them and the company.

– Prospection results

Two of the companies already received straight orders and have been establishing new relationships; the third one is in the phase of selection of the different agents suggested.

All of them benefit from several profiles of multiportfolio commercial agents interested by the representation of their products.

– The costs of an Export Group

The creation of this Export Group was initiated thanks to the latest to the latest 2015 Acció grants whose goal is to support the Export Groups. The grant assumed 40% of the consultant cost. This way, all three companies have been able to open or consolidate their presence within the French market while reducing the costs of prospection and strengthening their joint offer.

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