Singular Spirits: the company

Singular Spirits is a company from Madrid dedication to the making and commercialisation of artisanal spirits of high quality, more precisely of Gins and Vodkas. A young company that has managed to develop new formulations, different and refreshing, that is committed to quality during the distillation, a refined marketing and a new consummation concept based on high quality products that bring new experiences to the consumers.


Handcrafted spirits of high quality: the manufacturing process

Singular Spirits produces Gin and Vodka of high quality with local Spanish ingredients. The production is artisanal, en small numbered batches with the aim to always achieve the most delicate and the purest alcohol.


Characteristics of Singular Spirits’ distillates

100% natural ingredients: without chemicals, colourings, or added sugars

Local product: with unique recipes and local ingredients

Traditional distillation: in small batches that allow to remain quality, purity and creativity.

Micro-distillation: elaboration and development in independent micro distilleries of the latest generation. Copper stills.


The product range

Singular Spirits’ product range is composed of:

1… Iradier y Bulfi Dry Gin: London Dry Gin, 100% natural, 42º, 7 botanicals, exclusive distillation of 300l, numbered bottles.

2… Iradier y Bufi Sipping Vodka: 100% natural, greatest purity, slow distillations in copper, direct fermentation in the distillery, without additives, exclusive distillation of 300l, numbered bottles.

3… Martín Sessé Madrid Dry Gin: London Dry Gin, 100% natural, 42º, 14 natural and native botanicals, distillations of 600l, numbered bottles, slow distillation in copper, free of chemicals and sweeteners.

4… R.I.P Unfiltered Vodka: alcohol from the Tempranillo grape and grain, 4 distillations, 40º, distillations of 150l, numbered bottles, slow distillation in copper, free of chemicals and sweeteners.


Original and refined marketing

The whole product range has a story behind each of the brands in order to turn every tasting into a different and original experience. To every brand corresponds a name that conceals an adventurous and romantic story that helps us to enjoy our cocktails.

With a distinct and vintage look, Singular Spirits’ bottles remind us of those old pharmaceutical bottles in which the formulations were brewed.  They also carry us to the Wild West. And this is the inspiration for the whole corporate and communication image.


Participation at Alimentaria as international stepping stone

Our client Singular Spirits  came to us after deciding to participate at the Alimentaria 2018 and in view of the need to make their presence profitable with their own stand design.

Barcelona Export was in charge of preparing an agenda with appointments for meetings at the stand during the days of the fair, as well as of managing the contact agendas coming from Alimentaria’s matchmaking. We organized their commercial documentation and we composed the contact mails and invitations to the fair.

Six different countries were chosen for the search for importers/ distributors of spirits and liquids, such as: UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Portugal and Italy. By seizing the Matchmaking of the exhibition, we also contacted importers / distributors of alcoholic beverages in the USA, Japan and Latin America.

Singular Spirits went to the trade show Alimentaria with 25 agreed contacts spread during the 4 days of the fair.


Barcelona Export - Singular Spirits Alimentaria 2018


Results of the international commercial prospection

It is our pleasure to declare that the participation of Singular Spirits at the Alimentaria was as impressive as their products themselves. Their stand design and their products of great attractiveness together with Barcelona Export’s prospection efforts resulted in an event that ended up bringing 124 new contacts to our client.  The majority passed by our stand and took the opportunity to taste their Gins and Vodkas. Others requested information via mail and telephone, since they could not come to Barcelona.

We accompanied our client at the stand during the days of the exhibition in order to assist them with different languages and ways of negotiating with the different countries that dropped to visit: Spain, Catalonia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italia, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Portugal, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, UK, Taiwan, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Switzerland and Qatar.

After the fair we took care of composing the mails to say thank you for the visit at the stand at Alimentaria and of realizing the follow up. Furthermore, we could provide an extensive data base with possible importers and distributors of international liquors and distillates with whome they can now start to close commercial deals for distribution.


We wish Singular Spirits a unique and successful internationalisation!


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