The last preparations of the food exporting group

After having selected the alimentary companies participating to the exporter group, which will visit the SIAL Paris 2016 Exhibition, we took new steps. Less than a week before the opening of the Exhibition, the companies from food exportig group finally have address books of contacts interested by their products, which they will be able to meet during their visit to the country.

The mix of hope and nervousness is very palpable and the time to pack has come. We organized the latest common meeting for the food exporting group, before going to this new international adventure. At the Commercial Counsel siege of Maresme, they received a huge institutional support, fundamental for helping the promotion of our products.

Video xip/tv : 10 companies at SIAL

What are the necessary requirements in order to make a good Exhibition?

– Book a hotel near the Exhibition, this reduces the level of tiredness and limits the meetings far from the Exhibition area.
– Book a hotel and flights in advance in order to get low prices.
– Ahead of time, prepare printed pamphlets and business cards.
– Prepare a book of contacts in order to keep all the contacts we got and which will permit us to realize more efficient steps after the Exhibition.
– Don’t forget to bring staplers to be sure you will not lose any of your business cards’ contacts.
– Visit the Exhibition’s web site in order to prepare the road to follow and the meetings we wish to maintain.
– Study the Exhibition’s map to detect the areas containing a strong interest regarding the sector’s tendencies.
– Invite my clients and potential clients in order to meet them at the Exhibition.
– Value the possibility to travel with samples that can be presented during meetings.
– Bring a cabin baggage to bring easily documentations and samples we will take back from the Exhibition.
– Dress up in an appropriate way for the occasion.
– Wear comfortable shoes.

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