Barcelona Export organizes, once again, a meeting for sales agents in Paris, France. This is one of the fastest and most economic ways of finding agents and establishing a commercial network in a new international market.

sessió informativa Cecot trobada agents comercial frança

What does the meeting for commercial agents consist of?

A group of minimum 10 companies, which are looking for sales agents in a foreign market, has – thanks to this type of program – the opportunity to get to know various independent sales agents that suit its profile in just one day in a European city. This time, it is the turn of France, the European market that is most demanded by Spanish companies.

Which procedure is used?

After getting together with each of the participants, we establish their profiles to determine the most adequate type of sales agents for each case.

Then we will search and filter the candidates and validate them together with the companies.

Finally, we will travel to Paris in order to conduct interviews with the different selected sales agents. Barcelona Export will travel with various consultants in order to support translations and international negotiations.

We will conclude our meeting for commercial agents by returning to Barcelona at the end of the day.

Further available services

At Barcelona Export, we can offer other complementary services after the implementation of the meeting for commercial agents, such as:

– Negotiation of international contracts: We propose contract models, taking into account the most important clauses, according to the French legislation.

– Service of monitoring offers and orders generated by the commercial agents: Some of our clients face difficulties with the target language and require a service of monitoring and translating the actions that are developing in the new market.

– Long commercial guidance of 12 months with the goal of prospecting final clients and being able to set interviews between the people in charge of purchasing in the companies and the new selected commercial agents. We intend to make the portfolio more attractive for agents and to be more incisive during the commercial prospections at the beginning of the relationship.

Which services and products does France demand the most?

– Consumer goods
– Vehicles
– Hydrocarbons
– Pharmaceutical products
– Food
– Industrial subcontracting

Step up and have a go! We are waiting for you…

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