Hannover Messe 2018: The most important international trade show for the industry

The yearly fair of Hannover (Hannover Messe) has been held in Germany for more than 60 years and is the leading event for leading-edge technologies, materials and ideas. The exhibition brings together 10 major trade fairs in one place and thus allows for interaction and integration between the different industries and fields of application.


Of course, Hannover Messe offers excellent promotion for companies of the following sectors:

– Energy technologies
– Intelligent robotics
– Industry 4.0
– Automation of industrial processes
– Production and automation of buildings
– Industrial software
– Technology
– Automation of industrial processes
– Controls
– Equipment and technology
– Engineering


It is the first industrial fair worldwide with attendance of more than 225.000 professionals, of whom 30% are international. This generates 5,600,000 business contacts between exhibitors from more than 70 different countries and visitors with a professional profile; of a total of 6,500 exhibitors, 60% are foreign. The three largest groups come from Germany, China and Italy.


Mexico, the guest of honor of this year’s edition

Certainly, Mexico’s key productive sectors are:

– Aeonautics
– Automotive
– Electronics
– Medical equipment


Other relevant information

– First of all, it has 98 research and design centres for industrial innovation
– Secondly, 34 clusters at the same time are boosting the implementation of the 4.0 industry.
– It also has a STEM bachelor’s degree program (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
– Moreover, Mexico has 21 production plants of the top 10 OEMs in the automotive sector, pioneers in technology for intelligent factories.
– Furthermore, it ranks eighth in the ranking of renewable energies
– Also, it is in third place in the digital transformation rankings.


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