On the month of September the Catalan companies will be have new Acció Internationalization Coupons available. A subsidy specially designed to boost the exports of Catalan companies.

What are they?

They are subsidies for companies that want to start exporting or are still consolidating their internationalization.

For which companies?

There are three conditions to benefit the Coupons :

  • To be a Catalan company
  • To do not export more than 15%
  • To be up to date with their obligations with the Social Security and the Treasury.

What is the coupon for?

The beneficiary companies may contract the professional services of export experts, accredited by Acció. These professionals have had to demonstrate extensive experience in the export departments during their professional career.

What is the amount of the subsidy?

The maximum cost of the eligible project is 5,000 euros and Acció’s help is 80% of the amount.

What services can you ask for?

– Diagnosis of the internationalization potential of the company.

-Development of the International Promotion Plan: selection of the product or service to be internationalized, study of the countries of destination, of the distribution channels, preparation of the list of potential clients.

-Web design for international markets, Internet positioning and social networks.

– Subcontracting an Export Manager.

-Management of competitions and international tenders.

-Management for the registration of trademarks and patents in international markets.

-Association and advice in the participation to international fairs.

-Training in international trade.

If you want to request a Coupon and that we, as Accredited Advisors carry out your project, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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