In recent years the electronics sector in France has been affected by the shortage of components, to which they have quickly put a solution with a clear implementation to improve their productivity and procurement, gradually lifting the industry and making it an interesting source of opportunities for investors or external suppliers.

The stagnation of the electronics industry in France

After a few years of stagnation, the market for electronic components in France seems to start seeing the light and surprises the various suppliers who predicted a rather slower recovery of the sector in this country; these producers had adapted their purchasing strategies to protect themselves from the instability of the electronics sector.

Today this industry is in a moment of widespread mobilization and thanks to the digital transformation large investments are happening in the sector, so it is becoming an unexpected focus of opportunities for business creation or international trade.

Public authorities in the electronics sector in France

The electronics industry in France succeeded in attracting the interest of public authorities by obtaining its own strategic committee within the framework of the national industry council, thanks to which a four-year contract is being closed with the state focused on innovation, international development and restructuring of the sector.

This represents a great opportunity for those companies in the electronics sector in France that have suffered for a long time, but also for the recovery of international business and strategic investments of neighboring countries that will find a new context in the industry of the Gallic country.

Growth and new opportunities in figures

After two years of zero growth, analysts had rather modest forecasts for the electronics sector in France and predicted a 3.3% growth in the semiconductor industry’s annual revenues, and the surprise was that they rose by 20.6% in 2017 which corresponded to $409 billion by the end of the year.

This sudden growth of an apparently very damaged electronics sector caught many players in the industry by surprise, although it could also give rise to interested practices with which it was convenient to be cautious at the beginning of the boom, now remain steady and growing, at a time very conducive to interesting business opportunities.

The right time to think of France as an opportunity

Currently, France is coming out of a big explosion of its electronics industry, so it is at the perfect moment of recovery of the balance and settlement of the electronics sector, an exceptional opportunity to consider the exports that may arise within the framework of the European Union, without neglecting the financing of the programs of the French state itself for the development of international business.

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