Our consultancy is present in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017  to give assistance and accompany one of our clients, custom software developer and with its own QA department (Quality Assurance).

Smart City Congress takes place once a year in Barcelona, from the 14th to 16th of November 2017, in its fairground in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. A large representation of companies, start-ups and public administrations attend the event in order to jointly develop tools, applications, new services in multiple areas that help improve the quality of life of the citizens of, the increasingly populated, cities of the world.

The themes that we can find are:

– Governance
– Mobility
– Secure Cities
– Economy
– Circular Economy
– Sustainability
– Society
– Data and technology

Smart City World Congress 2017, Barcelona

We also had the opportunity to participate in the Brokerage Event where more than 1264 meetings were arranged and 400 companies from 38 different countries participated. It has been a pleasure to meet companies of very varied products and technologies that needed our services to expand their business internationally.

Among the most novel exposed products that we have had occasion to discover are geolocation applications that include a multiple of measurable parameters, such as pollution, the presence of gases, humidity, etc. Open data applications to provide cities with a multitude of applications that contain valuable information for citizens: bus schedules, hospitals, concerts, garbage collection calendar, taxes, etc gathered under a single application. Drones that help to measure the architectural parameters of a building under construction, energy efficiency applications, test circuits for cars of the future, independent and self-driving, windows that contain photovoltaic panels to store solar energy and give autonomy to the homes.

Click here for the finalists of the 2017 edition

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