Spanish fashion has been in full growth since 2016, having as its main allies the member countries of the European Union thanks to which sales were generated for a value of 14,064 million euros in the course of 2016 itself, and which continue to grow successively in the following years to achieve results that show a success in the sector.

Several years of growth in the export of Spanish fashion

The surprise in exports within the Spanish fashion sector came in 2016 with the figures mentioned above, but far from remaining in an anecdotal rise this phenomenon consolidated the following years presenting in 2017 a rise of 7.4% in exports to the sector, reaching 24,000 million euros.

According to data obtained by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (Icex), the year 2016 registered the greatest growth in exports of Spanish fashion surpassing the previous record generated in 2013, and since then has not declined generating positive figures and raising this industry as one of the fastest growing in our country. Spain consolidates its position as the third largest European fashion exporter.

Only in the last decade, the Spanish textile industry has skyrocketed in several European countries such as Poland, Croatia or the Czech Republic, the latter as a newcomer to the European Union has seen Spanish fashion conquer its market and increase to double or triple its sales over the previous decade, with the largest markets still being Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Large and small Spanish fashion brands: the same positive result

Although the great Spanish fashion brands have already become accustomed to triumphing abroad and even to giving prestige to the quality of the country’s textiles, they are not currently the only winners in the sector’s exports, as medium-sized and small firms also find their place, to the point of obtaining large foreign investments.

Of the top 14 Spanish fashion brands, 10 already belonged wholly or partially to foreign investors in 2018, so there is great interest in the possibilities of the textile sector in Spain, and industries in other countries are increasingly focusing on the possible movements in this field, with new businesses or consecrated those likely to close deals in the European Union.

The enormous investments of foreign capital in the Spanish fashion sector

It cannot be ignored that the boom in the export of Spanish fashion also goes hand in hand with the aforementioned growth of foreign investors, and that is that financial companies participate in many companies around the world and have been looking for years at those that are located and developed in Spain, depositing large capital outlays in them.

The fact that large investors are interested in Spanish fashion in general means that they can give a boost to smaller brands, boosting the Spanish fashion market in all ranges and improving the possibilities of expansion, negotiation with other markets and the inclusion of new technologies

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