GMS Sistemas: The company

GMS Sistemas is a Catalan company devoted to the making of feeding and positioning systems, such as vibrating feeders or robotic arms, for small pieces. It is also part of the corporate group PMZ Comatrans. At this point, they have accumulated experience and Know-how in the course of 25 years. GMS targets mainly the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and, not to mention, packaging sector.


The offered solutions

– Particularly, the SmartFeeder (a robotic arm for a flexible solution)
– Vibrating feeder for caps, valves, dosing pumps, car wheels,…
– Mechanic feeder for coffee capsules, Alimentador mecánica para cápsulas de café, syringes
– Centrifugal feeder for plastic crown caps
– Slat elevator for cosmetic products, screws, spherical plain bearings,
– Positioners for bottles, pharmaceutical tubes and containers


El equipo de GMS


Participation at Hispack as international stepping stone

Our client GMS Sistemas started working with us in October 2017. Besides benefitting of our service for prospecting for France, they informed us about their participation at Hispack 2018 in the course of the year. They not only asked us for an agenda with international meetings but also for our accompaniment during the fair. Therefore, we organized their commercial documentations and created the contact mails and invitations for the fair. Hence we picked 8 different countries for the contact search, which were: UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. These contacts included distributors, integrators, manufacturers for special machinery. Furthermore, we also looked for final clients of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and packaging industry as well as coffee capsules.


GMS Sistemas - Hispack Barcelona


With reference to the topic “Natural Evolution”, the corporate group PMZ presented itself at the fair Hispack with a completely renewed image, showing the whole range of qualitative solutions for the fields of automation and positioning of pieces.


Stand Hispack Barcelona 2018


If you would like to find out more about the products of GMS Sistemas and PMZ Comatrans, feel free to watch this interview. It  was filmed for the magazine Infopack with Xavier Sanchez, the group’s director, during the fair Hispack.


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