The wine market in China, currently the fifth largest, is reorganizing the wine industry worldwide. It tends to become the world’s second largest consumer country after the USA. At the moment it prefers French wines but the potential is enormous since it is a large market, with curiosity and great purchasing power. In the next 5 years consumption increases of 53% are expected, only in this country. But it is important to know that it is a highly competitive market and therefore a strong export experience is needed.

Some important points about the wine consumer in China:

Chinese consumers prefer red wine (80%) to white (20%)

Buy regularly online (49%) in a higher percentage than in other countries. They look for information in WeChat and Weibo

– The number of wine consumers in China increases annually.

Annual import increases exceed 30%.

The preferred wines at import level: France, Australia, Chile, Spain, Italy, USA

Annual consumption per capita is 0.5 L.

– The average age of the Chinese consumer is in the range 18-29 years.

Consume the best known brands, influenced by very prestigious luxury brands

– They prefer very aesthetic packagings and wines with low alcohol content.

The most consuming cities are: Beijing, Shanghai or Canton

Their own wine usually costs the consumer twice as much as in Spain.

Increased knowledge of Spanish wines.

The HORECA channel represents 2/3 of the total market value.

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