Project Description

Externalitzem el seu departament d’exportació

We can be your export department


On many occasions we find that companies tend to believe that exporting is easy and fast, and despite not being difficult, we must know and be aware of some aspects that can lead to failure. What we can assure is that it is not fast, and therefore we have to equip ourselves with tools for this long-distance race:

1… Master the language of the target market is a must: a recurring error is to believe that with only one language, such as English, you can address any market. We must master each of the target languages ​​to facilitate the task of purchasing from our interlocutors. We are the ones that we want to sell and therefore, we have to do the effort. The client, for his part, will make the effort to buy. We must be able to negotiate any aspect in the other language, that is, we must have a fairly high level and not be content with basic notions or intermediate levels that can block our relationships.

2… We must master the cultural differences of each country: another common mistake is to believe that my product / service is exportable in any country and how it was designed at home. All products / services require a cultural adaptation to adequately address each market. So we cannot sell in the same way, colours, discourse, etc. the same product to USA, Saudi Arabia or China.

3… Payment methods must be controlled: each country works with different payment terms and these aspects must be mastered in order to minimize the risk of default. Thus, it will be necessary to know in which cases it will be opportune to allow a bank transfer, checks and other entities that will require confirming letters of credit, or send the goods against delivery of documents.

4… We must be used to negotiations in international environments: we need to know a little international law to know what kind of contracts we can offer and what we can accept, the most important clauses and the most convenient ones. And it is convenient to practice in international environments to know the type of commercial and business documents that are required for meetings.

For those companies that do not dominate these 4 points we propose the solution: outsource the export or outsourcing of the export department


  Why look for an external export department?

For several reasons, among which we would highlight:

– It is a direct dispense
– Lightens the internal structure of the company and consequently the fixed costs
– We can count on qualified professionals with the languages we need at all times
– To work with professionals with extensive experience and expertise in internationalization to avoid beginners mistakes.
– To gain penetration times in a market


Which companies usually need it?

There are many companies that need to outsource their export department and for very different reasons:

– Large companies or SMEs with an export department but with a need for professionals and very specific knowledge about a specific and complex market
– Large companies or SMEs with an export department but in need of a rapid incursion into a market
– SMEs with export department but without the figure of an Export Manager
– SMEs that need to have an export department but do not want to increase their structure costs
– SME that wants to make a tasting of the world of internationalization
– SMEs that need guidance to develop documentation related to export in different languages: invoices, delivery notes, company presentations, technical files, web, catalogues, export price list, etc.


What exactly is our externalisation service of the export department?

Our starting point is the joint definition with the client of the market and the channel to prospect.

During a period that can go from 6 months to 12 (or even longer, at the request of our client) our tasks consist of:

– Study of the competition
– Study of international fairs in the sector
– Study of the professional magazines of the sector
– Creation of data bases of contacts of the selected country and channel
– Search of independent sales agents
– Search of distributors
– Search of final clients (large accounts)
– Translation of company documents: invoices, delivery notes, company presentations, technical sheets, web, catalogues, export price list, etc.
– Generation and exchange with translation included of the different budgets
– Accompaniment to international fairs
– Help in the cultural adaptation of the different products / services proposed

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