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Barcelona Export - Export groups

Barcelona Export manages export groups


An exporting group is composed of companies that belong to the same sector of activity, have complementary and non-concurrent products, and go to the same target market. Their respective products strengthen the joint offer and provide:

– more business opportunities
– Increased strength in negotiations
– increased speed in commercial prospecting
– reduction of the costs of prospecting


Export groups are led by the same consultant who prospects for several companies at the same time. From this fact several advantages arise, such as speed ​​and success of market penetration and synergies between companies to improve the entry of each of the products / services.

Barcelona Export regularly manages several export groups with high penetration results in different markets.


Why not go by your own?

It is estimated that the cost of an export department, until the moment it starts to be productive, is 130.000 euros. The cost comes from the following expenses:

– Personnel salaries of the department (higher due to a question of languages, degrees, etc.)
– Prospecting expenses
– Prospecting trips
– Office material

That said, exporting alone involves high costs and a very important investment in time and resources.


And what factors condition it?

Among the main factors are:

– Previous export experience
– Availability to offer a full range of products / services
– Trained expenditure and investment in the export department
– Minimum investment needed in the target market
– Knowledge of the operation of the market
– Capable of reacting to special demands, or what is the same, the flexibility of the undertaking
– High unit profit margins
– The need to protect the company’s Know-How
– Possible synergies with the other manufacturers
– Risk level of the undertaken
– Measurement of the undertaken
– Disposition to collaborate with other companies
– Knowledge of digital marketing

Finally, we inform you that Barcelona Export has managed groups from various industrial sectors such as: metal industry, industrial subcontracting, graphic arts, agro-food and chemicals.

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