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Barcelona Export - Independent Sales Agents
Barcelona Export - Independent Sales Agents
Barcelona Export - Independent Sales Agents

Barcelona Export organizes all along the year, B2B meetings, targeted by industry, between companies and independent sales agents in targeted countries (our geographical coverage)


Those meetings gather companies with high exportability potential and independent sales agents leading the industry in the targeted country. Those agents are previously identified, evaluated and selected by our team of consultants.

Barcelona Export offers you a reliable methodology to find with exit your independent sales agents:


– Export diagnostic of the company

During this initial phase, a SWOT analysis of the company is lead in order to detect potential opportunities. Each aspect and department of the company is examined : allocated human and financial resources, knowledge and production capacity, awareness and knowledge of international markets, …


– Definition of the commercial strategy in the targeted country and definition of the distribution channels

The soon-to-export company and Barcelona Export will explore together the international sales strategy to adopt and define the best entrance channel in the new market regarding its own characteristics and the exported product/service’s ones. The entrance may be direct (selling directly to the final customers) and/or indirect (through distribution channels or multi-card independent sales agents), that’s why it is essential to adapt the sales strategy in order to find the perfect combination.


– Definition of the profile of the independent sales agent

Once the sales strategy is established, comes the profile definition of the independent sales agent: the profile of his clientele, the sectors around which his activity is articulated, the products/services he already represents, those he mustn’t represent, his geographical coverage area,…


– Individual research, in the name of each company participating to the meeting, of independent sales agents corresponding to the established profile

Once the agent’s profile is confirmed, our team of consultants will contact for each company the independent sales agents of the sector the independent sales agents from our database that fits the requirements set

Our consultants will present the company, answer to potential questions, and will offer a native intermediary inside the company to the freelance sales agent.


Once the interest for representing the company is confirmed, an individual interview will be led for each agent in order to fill a resume form about his structure’s activity: years of activity, motivations, requirements, working methods and tools, turnover, represented companies, coverage area …


– Pre-selection of the profiles and submission of the descriptives CV to each companies

– Organization and coordination of the meeting schedules, given to each company et each agent a few days before the meeting

– Negotiation support in the non-mastered language and coordination of the event on D day


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