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Barcelona Export - International Contracts

The culmination of the negotiation in a foreign market: the international contract


Barcelona Export offers a full service of advice and accompaniment in the negotiation and signing of the international contract.

After searching for the ideal business partner for a company, the key moment arrives, the signing of the contract.


The key points to find a good business partner are:

In the case of independent sales agents:

– Age
– Experience as a commercial agent
– Experience in the sector
– Geographic coverage area
– Product knowledge
– Commission percentage
– Structure
– Portfolios that it brings (it is necessary to avoid that it brings concurrent portfolios and that it brings many)
– Billing
– References


In the case of distributors:

– Reputation in the market
– Geographic coverage area
– Product knowledge
– Commercial margin
– Structure
– Own commercial structure
– Brands that it represents (exclusivist or not)
– Billing
– Minimum Commands
– Stock capacity
– Technical service


Once we have it, we must give legal form to our relationship. And for that reason it is necessary to have presents the following basic clauses within our international contract:

– The range of products that we want to export must be defined with great care and, therefore, we will state in our contract
– Contract duration
– Territorial exclusivity, sector and customers
Payment of accrued commissions
– No concurrence
Trial period
Notice period
– Amounts or basis of compensation


All translations and communication assistance in English come from our partner Do English.

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