Project Description

Oferim acompanyament en fires internacionals

Barcelona Export has a wide experience in participation and accompaniment to international trade fairs and offers the following services:


– Selection of the most convenient fair
– Setting the objectives to be pursued: new contacts, loyalty, getting new suppliers, increase sales, presentation of new features, and increase visibility in the market
– Choice of a good location and make a good stand design
– Design, writing and sending of invitations (digital marketing) to guarantee maximum attendance at the stand.
– Mobilization of social networks to generate maximum interest towards our company
– Synthesize the message and make it very visible
– Study of the type of sample to be delivered during the fair
– Preparation of the book of contacts made during the fair
– Set as many interviews as possible to always have the stand full
– At the end of the fair it is convenient to send acknowledgments and agile responses to the requested demands


What can an international fair provide me?

Assistance but, above all, exhibiting at an international fair can provide very positive direct benefits such as:

– Prestige for the company
– Brand / product / service consolidation
– Loyalty of the client portfolio, strengthening of relationships
– Diversification of suppliers and customers
– Networking and new contacts with the key figures of the sector
– Sector information: market study
– News and new trends
– Search of potential partners: commercial agent and / or distributors

The trade fair calendars are full of events that invite us to participate. But what criteria should be taken into account to choose a good fair?


Some of the main criteria when choosing which of the annual fairs we should participate in are:

– Recognition
– Dimension
– Geographic situation
– Periodicity
– Power of convocation -influx
– Presence of the competition -clients
– Cost
– Dates


To participate in an international fair you have to be very clear about how you are prepared to obtain a good result and maximum profitability. It is essential to be able to make a good preparation of the pre-fair, the fair and the post-fair. The three moments are equally important.

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