Project Description

Barcelona Export - Listing of international contacts

Barcelona Export provides you with lists of international contacts by country and sector

Barcelona Export provides those lists of international contacts necessary to begin the opening of a new foreign market.

Many clients have an export department but day to day does not allow them one of the most complex and long tasks such as researching the contacts of a sector in an international market. We must master the sources of information to not delay this phase of commercial prospecting.


What types of listing can interest SMEs that decide to internationalize?

Information is key within an international project since it allows saving time, errors, resources and helps in decision making.

The most demanded listings by our clients are:

1… First the list of commercial agents
2… Next the distributors
3… Followed closely by the end customers
4… Another list that we usually provide is the list of competitors
5… And the list of international fairs of a sector in a specific country
6… Finally, we provide a list of production plants of a business group


What are the most relevant information that appears in our listings?

All database (BBDD) has to contain certain information that is crucial to be able to carry out a good international commercial prospecting:

– Company name
– Billing
– Web
– Contact person (with decision power and purchase capacity)
– Direct phone
– Direct e-mail
– Description of the activity

In conclusion we will say that all our databases are filtered, contrasted and tailored to our customers’ request.

And from this point on, a new stage of our internationalization will begin, such as the telephone prospecting of each of the contacts listed. Finally we cannot forget to have a good presentation of the company written in the language of the target market as well as the catalogue of our products / services.

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