Project Description

Barcelona Export - Market studies and strategic export plan

Barcelona Exports performs sectorial market studies by country and strategic export plans


A very common mistake of the companies that want to internationalize is throwing themselves fully into the adventure without having made the previous reflection or having drawn up a strategy plan to follow. Carrying out a market study or establishing our strategic export plan should be the starting point of any export activity.


Why is it necessary to do a market study?

– To make decisions (about the product, the commercial strategy, the communication strategy, the sales channels or the price level to be set)
– Identify possible risks before starting the activity
– Define strategic alliances (suppliers, competition, partners …)
– To decide the international markets with the greatest potential
– To know the required certifications
– To know the relevant legislation
– To know the customs rates
– To know the sector
– To know who is our competition is and in what way they operate


What points does a market study analyse?

A market study should gather the following information:

– Characteristics of the sector (by country)
– Analysis of the market and activity
– Scope, evolution and trends
– Market segmentation
– Identification and analysis of customers
– Identification and analysis of the competition
– Identification and analysis of intermediaries (distributors, importers, and commercial agents)
– Analysis of suppliers


The market study in the exporting action is called the International Promotion Plan (PPI)

When a company wants to undertake an internationalization plan it needs to have an IPP or International Promotion Plan, that being said, it needs a fulfilled study of which are the most receptive international markets for its products before allocating any investments into this direction.

Before starting we will have to study our company, products and services and our internal structure as well as the needs.


Internal analysis (who we are and what we know how to do)

– Products / services
– Technologies that we know how to do
– Human Resources to be used for internationalization
– Finances available
– Administrative and commercial documentation (company presentation, catalogues, price list, technical sheets, …)


External analysis (objective markets and study of the competition)

– Markets (what we will choose according to their potential – study of customs statistics)
– Need for cultural adaptation of our Product / Service
– Channel: direct or indirect
– Target customer
– Competence present in each of the markets


Points that are analysed within an International Promotion Plan by country:

– Market / country
– Product / Service
– Target customer
– Channel: direct or indirect
– Positioning in price
– Promotion
– Objectives (partial and final)
– Timeline of actions to be carried out

Once these points are achieved, it will be necessary to detect and correct the deviations that may occur.

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