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Dinamització xarxes socials

Barcelona Export galvanizes your professional networks


We live in the communication era. Thanks to the internet, companies have easy access to the information that in other past times was so difficult and expensive to obtain. At the same time, it enables a new showcase for brands and their products.

Through our websites we can teach and sell our products / services to the rest of the world in a few seconds.

But in addition to our websites we also have other promotional tools such as Professional Networks. They are true platforms for professional contacts where we can interact with all the leading players in our sector. It is our Digital Networking tool. Within the Professional Networks we have Contacts instead of friends. And the relevant contacts generate business possibilities.


What can Professional Networks provide?

– Contacts of high value buyers within our sector
– High-value talent contacts within our industry
– Contacts of high value customers within our sector
– Contacts of high value workers within our sector
– Thorough monitoring of our competition
– Prestige thanks to a careful exhibition of the products / services
– Image of a specialist company thanks to the opinion articles that we can share in them
– Staff: we can make a selection of personnel through them
– Participate in a specific group and related to our activity
– We can follow the activity of companies or professionals
– Receive requests or private messages


What are the main Professional Networks?

The 3 most widespread and used Professional Networks worldwide are:

– Linkedin : worldwide and especially in Spain. It has more than 500 million users worldwide and 11 million in Spain. It is the Professional Social Network by excellence and very outstanding of the rest.
Viadeo: with a strong presence in France, it is the second Professional Social Network behind LINKEDIN, with 65 million users. It works in a very similar way although it offers fewer options and associated applications.
Xing: it predominates in markets such as the German and Nordic countries. Of German origin it has 15 million users.

Professional Networks are very useful and allow an excellent promotion of our business or company but it is useless to be present if we are not proactive and move them appropriately.

And this is where Barcelona Export plays an important role. We offer companies the possibility of working with their professional networks by adding relevant contacts from their sector, identifying their competitors to follow and providing them with interesting contents generated by new business opportunities, fans, new contacts, adhesion to interest groups, etc.

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