Project Description

Barcelona Export - Recruitment for International positions

Barcelona Export carries out personnel selection processes for international positions


The potential of a company can be measured, in large part, by the talent of its staff. A good team allows developing more ambitious projects, with solvency and efficiency. That is why we believe that recruitment for international positions is a crucial point on which companies should have a lot of healing.

From Barcelona Export we offer the research and recruitment for international positions, whether within our country or in a foreign markets, the final destination of your subsidiaries.


The most requested skills and abilities within the internationalisation departments are:

– Ease to adapt to different cultures and international environments
– Absence of cultural prejudices
– Ease to communicate in several languages
– Opportunities identification
– Autonomous management
– Flexibility
– Resistance to failure
– Proactivitat and quick responses
– Initiative to propose solutions
– Broad commercial vision


The skills and competencies that are most difficult to find among professionals in the international department are:

– Empathy
– Trained analysis to identify opportunities
– Entrepreneurial spirit combined with communication
– Resistance to failure, learning from failure
– Multicultural
– Self-motivation
– Self-management
– Self esteem


What are the profiles we can manage?

Export Director or Export manager (ME)
Export Area Manager (EAM)
Back Office Export
Commercial Assistant Export
Own or multi-portfolio international commercial agent
Director of delegation or international subsidiary
– Secretary of an international subsidiary


What is our procedure?

1… We hold a first meeting with our client to determine their needs and vacancies to cover
2… We agree on the profile to look for and the description of the job
3… We look for the candidates
4… We personally evaluate each of them
5… We make descriptive cards of the personality, formation and experience of each of the candidates
6… We passed a series of tests of culture, languages ​​and skills to better know the abilities of all of them
7… We make the choice of the 3 finalists that will be presented to the client for evaluation

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