Project Description

Barcelona Export - Trade agendas

Barcelona Export offers you negotiated and agreed commercial agendas for your international prospecting trips


We create commercial agendas to give a boost to the internationalisation of your company. We perform, at the request of our customers, the search for the best importers, distributors, commercial agents or final customers.


Negotiated business agendas

1… We carry out, at the request of our clients, the search of the best importers, distributors, commercial agents or final clients through a prior selection.

2… Then we filter the contacts by phone until we get the ones that are most interested in establishing a business relationship with our client.

3… We write, then, individual files, detailing the relevant and necessary information to carry out a good international negotiation.

4… We also agreed on the dates of the trip and set the interviews at the destination with all our contacts.

5… At this point we only have to link the trip well, organizing its logistics so that the client finds all the organized agenda and can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable commercial prospection trip. We orient it in relation to the distance between interviews and orientation times for travel, better cities where you can sleep and the different options regarding possible transport methods.


The accompaniment during international trip by our foreign trade consultants is always an option for each of our clients. This accompaniment involves:

– simplifying the task of traveling within an unknown foreign country,
– strengthening international negotiations,
– translations of the local language


In conclusion we can say that the commercial agendas are international commercial prospecting trips. These will allow us to find the most suitable distributors and clients for my company.

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