Project Description

Barcelona Export - Training in exportation

Barcelona Export offers both standard and customized training in exportation to entities


The training in export allows knowing very varied aspects and that can be very useful to avoid making certain errors. Among the most common and recommended trainings are the following:

– Situation of the different international markets
– Key aspects of the culture and the way of negotiating in each market
– Aspects to take into account when choosing a good international partner
– How to select the best independent commercial agents in an external market
– Sources of information within each market
– Documentation related to export
– Possible export modalities
– Incoterms and shipping methods
– How to make a good contact database for a new international market
– How to do a good international commercial prospecting
– How to make a good business presentation
– How to design a good internationalization strategy for my company
– Languages


Accredited trainers in Internationalization issues

Barcelona Export currently collaborates with several business platforms for training and dissemination of issues related to the internationalization of SMEs.

Some of the entities with which we collaborate giving courses and talks are:

– la Diputació de Barcelona: we are part of the Collection of Business Support Activities 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2018 we will give the course : How do I know if my company is ready to export?
– el Consell Comarcal del Maresme: we participate in the week of entrepreneurship giving training to support new entrepreneurs and businessmen
– el Tecnocampus de Mataro: we are part of the group of consultants supporting companies in the Comarca del Maresme in its international program GO GLOBAL
– Several clusters of the province of Barcelona

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