Europe is the old continent and on many occasions this vision can lead people to think that it is not a dynamic market in which to invest, preferring other emerging economies such as those of Asian, African or Latin American countries. But the truth is that we have 10 countries in Europe where we export many of our products because they enjoy great economic and commercial dynamism.

Europe’s economy, in spite of the crisis, continues to be one of the main poles of the world and that is that the continent located between the Urals and the Atlantic can be measured in economic terms with the United States on a one-to-one basis. However, not all European countries have the same economic importance and not all their economies are equally attractive for export. That’s why we bring here the ranking of the top 10 European countries to export to:

The top 10 European countries to export to:

1.   Switzerland: Switzerland is not usually one of the first countries in Europe to export to, but in fact it is one of the most dynamic and with the greatest capacity to pay in the whole of the European area. Furthermore, although it does not belong to the EU, it does belong to EFTA, so trade barriers are the minimum possible.

2.         Germany: Undoubtedly the first or one of the first countries in Europe where to export; the European giant and engine of the EU is and remains one of the main options to consider when making investments and exports. Spanish products, whether agri-food or industrial, are very well accepted.

3.         Finland: This European economy, traditionally linked to the economic space of the USSR, is one of the best countries in which to export products, as the industry is not sufficiently diversified and its capacity to pay is high.

4. United Kingdom: Despite the recent approval of Brexit, everything seems to indicate that the United Kingdom will continue to be part of Europe when it comes to talking about trade. In any case, it is a scenario that will vary substantially in the coming months and which may present good opportunities for export.

5. Norway: Like Switzerland, it is not in the EU but in EFTA. It is another of the best export options and a good EU economy.

6. Belgium: Although Belgium has relatively high taxes on labour, goods and companies do not encounter these obstacles, so the EU host state is a good alternative when it comes to exporting.

7. Luxembourg: Although it is a small market, Luxembourg is one of the most important economies in the EU and an option to take into account for exports.

8. Denmark: The Danish economy is one of the most flourishing economies in the Baltic area and a good option for investment and exports due to its strong dynamism.

9. The Netherlands: An economy very similar to the Belgian economy with a fairly unified and compact market; it is a country very focused on the service sector where it is perfectly possible to compete in that and other sectors.

10. Sweden: One of the most powerful and developed European economies in the world is Sweden, which is an excellent destination for exports due to the high purchasing power of its citizens.

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