France has a highly evolved market for ITC. In fact, the French market has a large network of technology parks.

The 27 main technology parks in France are listed below:

Pays de Gex Technoparc à Saint Genios Pouilly

Aisne Technopole à Soissons

Micropolis – Parc Technologique à Gap

Sophia Antipolis à  Nice

Technopole Aube en Champagne à Troyes

Technopole de Marseille-Provence à Marseille

Technopole environnemental – Arbois Méditerranée à Aix en Provence

Anticipa Technopole à Lannion

Technopole Brest- Iroise à Brest

Enova Labège Toulouse – Agrobiopole à Sicoval

Parc scientifique et Technologique de Laseris à Barp

Rennes Atalante à Rennes

Angers technopole : Parc scientifique de Belle-Beille et Parc scientifique des Capucins à Angers

Technopole Laval-Mayenne à Laval

Technopole de Metz à Metz

Biopôle Clermont-Limagne à Saint-Beauzire

Izarbel – Technopole des Pays Basque

Mulhouse Technopole à Mulhouse

Domaine Scientifique de la Doua à Villeurbanne

Savoie Technolac à Le Bourget lleva Lac

Archamps Technopole à Archamps

Technopole Madrillet à Saint-Etienne Rouvray

Technoparc  Poissy à Poissy

Agroparc à  Avignon

Futuroscope à Chasseneuil – Poitou

ESTER Limoges Technopole à Limoges

Campus Saint-Christophe à Cergy-Pontoise


The pioneer technopole was Sophia Antipolis of Nice, who was followed by many others. All of them have a close relationship with the business world and with the world of education.

In 2016, the information and communication technology market in France was worth 113 billion euros. There are different categories to group in this sector:

categories agrupades

Some key figures of the ICT sector in France:

-8 % : This is the part of the value added by the creation of custom software compared to the total for the sector. This corresponds to EUR 6 billion.

-3.86% : This is the weight of ICT in France’s GDP in 2014. A higher ratio than that observed in Spain or Italy, but lower than that of Germany (4.19%).

-25%: Digital technology now accounts for 25% of French growth, compared to 20% for the period 2005-2009.

-131,835 : This is the number of companies operating in the ICT sector in France. Of this total, there are only 1,650 industrial software development companies and 6,579, the vast majority of which are service companies.

Nouvelle Technologie

Despite the fact that companies in this sector are usually SMEs or micro-enterprises (a lot of start-ups), in France we find companies that are larger in size than Spanish ones.

The ICT sector in France is more mature, but not as much as the German sector. Its business fabric is older and more consolidated than the French ICT market.

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