The company LUSAN

LUSAN fijacions y anclajes, S.L. was created in 1999 by professionals with extensive experience in the hardware sector. The aim of the new company was to manufacture and supply hardware stores or industrial suppliers with a type of metal anchorage that was becoming increasingly in demand at that time.

This specialization led to a rapid acceptance and increase in both sales and the number of customers who were relying on the good work of the company.

At the same time, this constant growth led to a greater demand and variety of product range from customers, which encouraged the company to review, incorporate and expand its catalog every year, adding new business lines such as nylon, screws, lifting elements, rivets, etc…. which has led the company to have one of the largest catalogs in its sector in Spain: 5,000 product references.

On the other hand, one of the priority objectives for the coming years is the introduction and sale of products to the international market, both in Europe and in such interesting and highly promising markets as the American continent, Africa or the Middle East.

LUSAN currently sells its products in countries such as Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel, Belgium, Saudi Arabia.

The trade fairs of the sector

In industrial subcontracting we can find:

–   Salon Industrie:

–   Salon SEPEM:

–   Salon SIANE:

–   Salon Midest:

–   Salon Ouest Industries:

And the construction ones, can be..:







The French fixing market

By 2014, the fastening market was quite saturated with French companies in this industry. The market for fixed assets is worth around EUR 20 billion. In 2015, there are more than 9,000 companies offering fastening products similar to those of Lusan to the French territory.

The sector has gone through some difficult years due to the economic crisis as it is heavily dependent on the construction sector. As demand from its main purchasing sector has fallen and the remaining companies have difficulties in making ends meet, we have seen a greater influx of Chinese manufacturers with cheaper prices than the French, and Europeans in general.

Francia The main clients of the fixings in France

Percentage %
Retail and organized sales 13,66
Independent trade 5,05
Distributors of the company’s own network 1,21
Wholesalers 11,86
Sales to professional users 63,37
Sale to individuals 2,29
Foreigner 2,56

As we can see, the main buyers of fasteners in France are end users/professionals. Only 2.56% is sold outside the country. On the other hand, 40% of the production is made outside France.

The multi-portfolio commercial agents in the fastening sector

We have decided to look for independent commercial agents to cover the maximum of French territory. We’ve done some very thorough research to narrow down the profiles. We have created one to BBDD of 50 commercial agents that is not a very extensive list. But we didn’t have to look any further as the profiles were very well identified and were what the company needed.

On the other hand, as there have been many positive responses, there have been many negotiations and drafting of contracts, even though some of them have not been successful due to the company’s decision.

A total of eight sales agents were introduced to Lusan. And we are sure that from now on they will establish Lusan’s presence on the French market. We wish our client much success in the future.

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