The packaging industry is very large: it includes filling, dosing, packaging, closing and closing machines, etc. These are services requested by all sectors of activity, even if the main demands come from the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

It is therefore a successful and growing market. Proof of this is that it represents approximately $35 billion worldwide and is expected to double in the next 10 years.

Moreover France is not to be outdone, since it ranks 7th on the world market for packaging machines.


However, in order for the French market to remain efficient, there are certain areas of reflection to be considered:


First of all, R&D

The first is R&D. Indeed, the technological revolution in machinery has already taken place, so it is difficult to innovate considerably. The main areas of development of the packaging industry are now focused on productivity and packaging materials. But these are requests made by customers and cannot be anticipated.


Then, exportation

The second is the one related to exportation, especially with the problem of setting up an after-sales service. It is more complicated to provide machine maintenance services, where in lot of cases, the language barrier meets the geographical distance barrier.


Marketing and communication

Finally, there are also questions related to marketing and communication. The low renewal rate for the packaging equipment limits the market growth. And where promotional marketing is developed, strategic marketing is not really present and there is no real competitive intelligence.

To conclude, the regulatory and eco-design aspects are also increasingly present in all sectors combined, and are also relevant to the packaging market. Thus having ISO 9001 certification is not a mandatory prerequisite for customers, but the majority of companies of the packaging sector work by applying these rules.


The main figures are:

-France has 284 establishments in the packaging and packaging machine manufacturing sector, including 33 in Ile-de-France.

-A total turnover of the French packaging sector of €912 million in the manufacture of packaging, packaging and weighing equipment, 53% of which will be exported in 2012.

– The global market volume is $35 billion for packaging and packaging machines, a figure that is expected to double in the next 10 years.


Thus the French packaging industry is a market which, although subject to many possible improvements, is full of promise and opportunities for the coming years.


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