Barcelona Export recently accompanied Tèxtil Campasol, manufacturer of customizable sports towels, in its export process. This international support has reinforced our knowledge of the object communication market in France. Read this article carefully to know the trends of this market, if you intend to export promotional items in France.

The object communication market in France

First, it should be noted that this is an important market: advertisers invest 1.323 billion euros each year in this segment. There are around 2,000 distributors specialized in the field, all objects combined.

Why communicate by object?

We found that customers, particularly French, are particularly receptive to communication by object. For 42% of them, this improves the image of the company.

However, the communication object must be of good quality. Indeed, if the object is not qualitative, 65% of the users do not wish to buy back the distributing brand. That’s why it’s important to focus on quality. Tèxtil Campasol has also understood this differentiating element and all the production is done in Europe, far from the massive production coming from Asia.

What are the most requested communication objects?

In France, there are many communication companies with a wide range of products and they offer a wide variety of products: bags, textiles, glasses and mugs, as well as calendars, pens and personalized notepads.

In fact, stationery items are the most requested items (60%), followed by T-shirts and polos (30%). Other textile articles represent only 10% of the market, but they have the advantage of being kept longer. On the contrary, stationery is only kept for about 6 months.

What are the criteria of choice?

For an object of communication to be effective, the French consider that it must be useful (86%), but also original and aesthetic. It must also be fun for 36% of them. For example, Tèxtil Campasol sports towels are perfectly adapted to the needs of users in the sports practice market.

In addition, 80% of users would like to receive more objects of communication: it is a market in strong growth. This really allows users to remember the brand. 99% of them keep the promotional items for themselves or a loved one.

When are these objects used?

The promotional items are not reserved for the end of year celebrations. Events and especially sports competitions are particularly conducive to the distribution of personalized goodies. They are also found in trade shows and exhibitions.

They are also highly appreciated by companies that use the communication by the object internally and their customers to promote their services and retain their employees.

Thus, our experience during the export accompaniment of Tèxtil Campasol sports towels was instructive. The object communication market in France is strong and very competitive. By offering differentiating and quality objects, such as customizable sports towels, we will be able to attract the customer and build a lasting and solid image for him.

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