France is a country where the gastronomic market is very developed. Indeed, it would appear that it does not need to do business outside its borders for this sector. The truth is that our country has a lot to offer in this regard and that the potential market for gastronomy in France is growing rapidly.


Large consumers of sausages, with a small production

This fantastic country is known for its fine cuisine and exquisite pastries of international renown, and that is why the French are also great lovers of good cuisine and quality products, which they can buy not only within their country, but also abroad, such as in Italy and Spain, two privileged neighbours in this respect.

Among the tastes of the French country, there is a great predilection for cold meat, including, of course, ham and all the Iberian name cold meat products that are particularly appreciated in French cuisine and among the final consumer. Consumers are able to pay significant sums to taste a quantity of Iberian sausages; a market that is not declining and is gaining in value.

This sector is important enough to create direct competitors on the French market itself. The region of production of charcuterie is mainly the Lyon region. Bayonne ham is also consumed and appreciated: Indeed, it is very popular and one of the most consumed in this country: You can also find other types of cold cuts, such as Ardennes ham, Auvergne ham or Italian Parma ham, the latter being of better quality.


Wine, an element of the gastronomic market that unites the Mediterranean

The world of oenology is fundamental to world gastronomy and it is one of the markets that show the most flows with the most movements and exchanges of goods from one place to another, where the Mediterranean countries are still in first position thanks to our wine tradition.

Although France has great wines, they are responsible for the popularization of champagne in celebrations throughout the country but also abroad. The French are also major consumers of Spanish wine, to this end every year the import of Spanish wine increases, especially in large quantities by being the protagonist of various trade agreements.

It should be recalled that wine consumption is declining in both countries. In Spain, the decrease is due to the introduction of the points-based permit and the tightening of the Highway Code since wine is a regular at dinners or lunches. Even if its price increases and the good wine is more and more coveted in gastronomy, which modifies the market and is far from making it lose.


Cultural and gastronomic exchanges

Beyond the products related to gastronomy, the culinary world unites the two countries in a much larger market in which the various gastronomic fairs and events, the schools of gastronomy that export and exchange professionals in the sector and everything that surrounds the food market are integrated.


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