Would you wish to push your internationalisation? Is your comapany in Maresme area? We can help you with Go Global Program.

What kind of program is it?

The Go Global Program is an accompanying program during the internationalisation process based on the growth of local companies at an international level.

What aims does it pursue?

Its main goals are the accompanying and the support in the development and the execution of the strategic planning and the international promotion on international markets.

What does it offer?

50 hours of consultancy with an expert in internationalization with a strategic business vision and with a practical and an operational knowledge of the exterior markets

An exclusive network of technology parks which thanks to its great knowledge of the local ecosystem and its link with the business fabric, will help you opening in new countries.

Personalize the program. Travel with a senior consultant who will make the meetings with potential partners easier.

Who is concerned?

Local companies, Tecnocampus ones especially, which have an exportable product or service, with a qualified team and committed in the internationalization project of their company.

The program also helps start-ups which have exceeded the validation of their products or services on their market and which are internationally-oriented.

Come to the presentation of Go Global  this next Friday, 12th May 2017, at 12h in Tecnocampus, Mataró. We hope to meet you there!

The new GO GLOBAL program

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