On September 13th, the international consultancy Barcelona Export organizes an export training on how clustering can enhance the export performance of local companies, at the headquarter of “Consell Comarcal del Maresme”.

In the shape of a very clear introduction to exporting, every step to be taken, every key to be thought of will be explained to you, with the simple goal of being able to enter foreign markets. Throughout the seminar you will obtain information about clustering, as a way to export well in other countries at a lesser cost.

This training will address the description of an export group and its characteristics, a display of the upsides of being part of a cluster, for instance being able to benefit from all kinds of synergies, and an illustration on what is required for a company to create a cluster, as well as which partners to choose and how to find them.

We encourage every company and entrepreneur with the desire to export to come to this event. It’s a three hours in-person conference from 9h30 until 12h30 AM.

The course beneficiates from the financial support of Barcelona’s Diputación and is part of the Recull d’activitats de suport al teixit empresarial 2016 (Support Activities for the Fabric of Business 2016)

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