Mexico, the leading economy of Latin America, has an especially interesting geostrategic position which turns it into the gateway to two very important economic zones: USA and Canada (NAFTA) and the Spanish-speaking countries. It is a large, Spanish-speaking country in Central America, with a population of 127 million. To illustrate, its capital, Mexico City, is a megacity with 20 million inhabitants, followed by Guadalajara and Monterrey with 5 million inhabitants, or Puebla and Toluca with 2 million each. Presently, a trade mission of importers of fresh goods to Mexico is being organised.


The organising entity

ASERCA organizes the trade mission of importers of fresh goods to Mexico in coordination with the Agricultural Ministry of SAGARPA for Europe.


Dates of the event

The trade mission of importers of fresh goods to Mexico will happen from 08. to 15. April, 2018.


Place of the event

The commercial mission will take place in the states Jalisco and Baja California.


Objectives of the program

The aims pursued to help the Mexican agro food producers are:

– To commercialize their products while entering new markets
– To offer an ad hoc instrument to consolidate new international markets
– Furthermore, to identify new business opportunities and new opportunities concerning improvement of production
– To know the technical innovations of the sector (machines, packaging, presentations)
– And, to reduce costs of the international prospection


Visitor’s profile

Buyers from Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Slovakia interested in taking up contact with companies that can offer the following products: avocado, mango, lemon, asparagus, grapefruit, berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry) and others.


Participant’s profile

In general, the trade mission of importers of fresh goods aims at those Mexican companies (natural or legal person), producers, retailers and/or distributors of the food growing industry, with the capacity of exporting.


Tariff related data with Mexico

Since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union (FTA EU-MX) in 2000, Mexico can export agri-food products without tariffs.


Main Mexican exports of the agro-alimentary sector

In short, the main products being exported from Mexico to Europe in 2017 were: malt beer, coffee, avocado, tequila, honey, frozen orange juice, banana, raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, etc.


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