Germany is one of the founding countries of the European Union, one of the leading industrial powers worldwide and offers to our companies a market of 82 million potential clients. And that’s why we have decided to organize a Meeting of Sales Agents in Germany through the Metal Cluster, Metallurgic Center.


The informative session on January, 25th 2018

On the last 25th January 2018 took place the presentation of this program with an informative session about the country, the market and its commercial opportunities for our companies. The meeting was organized by the Metallurgic Center, in the CECOT buildings in Terrassa and brought together a group of 25 SMEs interested in commercializing its products or services in the German market.

Which kind of companies has participated?

The participating group was very diversified and brought together companies from various sectors and activities such as:

– Industrial engineering
– Kitchen and bathroom fittings
– Reconditioning machines and packaging
– Electrical material
– Medical and veterinary equipment
– Solar protection
– Industrial subcontracting

What exactly is our searching program of sales agent in Germany?

First of all, each participating company meets the consultant in order to define the sales agent´s profile that interests them the most. General lines of work are set to make the consultant more efficient during the process.

Next, the consultant prepares each of the short presentations of the company that will be used for broadcasting and presenting the portfolio to the different sales agents selected. At the same time, the different sales agents that are interesting for each company will be searched, selected and filtered. The final candidates will be presented to the companies, through commercial data sheets that gather all the information related to their potential, so that the participating companies can validate them.

Finally, the interviews with the validated final candidates will be set. The interviews will take place on a single day, in a German city.

The logistics behind the Meeting of Sales Agents in Germany (B2B)

A day at the end of May 2018 has been chosen to carry out the Meeting of Sales Agents in Germany. The companies will travel the night before to Stuttgart, the city where the meeting with the sales agents will take place. Barcelona Export will take charge of hotel and meeting room reservations.

During the meeting day, each participant will have a table in the meeting room prepared for that purpose and the planning of the scheduled interviews. During the day, each one will receive at its table the sales agents interested in its portfolio. Barcelona Export will help the companies with several consultants to facilitate translations and negotiations in German language.

Once the day is over, the same day, we will go back to Barcelona and the companies will finish the negotiation of their own contracts by their own. As a supplementary support, Barcelona Export will also offer its service of text translations (internet, brochure, technical specification sheets…) as well as the international contract negotiation service with the German sales agents.

If you wish to have further information please visit Independent Sales Agents

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