The neighbouring market, France, is one of the major importers of industrial subcontracting services for our companies. Factors like the difference in the cost of labour and the high level of technical skills of our companies, together with a privileged geographical position favour trade in these services. Therefore, Barcelona Export has formed an export group consisting of 4 complementary companies to approach this market.

Advantages of an export group

The most significant benefits are:

– Faster prospection and penetration of the market
– It consolidates a more attractive offer for the buyer
– It favours synergies between its components
– Prospection costs are reduced since they are shared
– It provides travel companions during the internationalisation process

Characteristics of an export group

An export group has the following characteristics

– Firstly, it consists of 4 complementary companies
– Each of them maintains their own legal status
– Furthermore, they all aim at the same market
– and prospection costs are split.
– The members aim at entering the same market or country
– They also share a group manager who acts and prospects on their behalf
– All in all, it is a program with a minimum duration of 12 months

Members of our export group

Our export group of industrial subcontracting is formed of 4 complementary companies, including:

1…. Automotive parts stamper with TIER1 customers
2…. Machining of small and medium series metal parts (milling cutter and lathe)
3…. Machining of all types of plastic parts
4…. Industrial sheet metalwork with complex welding, powder and liquid painting processes

Type of duties of the group manager during the next 12 months

The companies are members of the cluster Centrem, which organizes an initial meeting to launch the project. The manager will have an email address like or of each of the companies that form the group. The purpose of using this mail address is to prospect on their behalf. The manager will then act as your outsourced export department. This means looking for sales agents, distributors or end customers. Negotiations of international contracts are carried out jointly with each company, whether they are representation or distribution contracts, and budgets requested by clients who require tailor-made products are processed and translated.

Furthermore, the group holds a quarterly meeting at the cluster’s headquarters. There, we can discuss the progress of the project and companies can ask questions. They can also exchange experiences with their group colleagues. Moreover, each member of the group receives follow-up reports on their international commercial prospection. The group manager sends these on a monthly basis.

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